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Lauren Rilling

Fractional CFO and Owner of Profit Rise

For the past seven years, Lauren has helped families and small business owners attain financial wellness, first as a coach and now as a fractional CFO for Christian-owned small businesses. She's passionate about helping companies grow debt-free, maximize their profit, and showing business owners how to live in financial freedom as stewards of God's resources.

Lauren lives with her husband, three children, five chickens, and a cat in the Denver Metro area. They enjoy exploring Colorado and playing board games as a family.

Ryan Eldridge

Tax Planner

Ryan Eldridge is Profit Rise CFO's in-house tax advisor. He is also a business consultant with FFC Advisors LLC, the CFO for a private equity group with over $50M AUM, and the executive director of a nonprofit organization that coordinates corporate mission trips. 

With twenty-plus years of consulting businesses, leaders, and non-profits, Ryan's engagements represent a global tapestry spanning multiple platforms and industries.

When not working, Ryan organizes and leads week-long service trips for organizations and their employees to bring teams together on a mission to give back.


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